Photo of Oluyinka dancing in Who We Carry
Photo: Jingzi Zhao



Rejoice! is a Portland-based contemporary dance ensemble led by the bold vision and artistic direction of Oluyinka Akinjiola. Inspired by the folklore of the great African diaspora, Rejoice’s performance repertoire boldly weaves stories of adversity and hope, captivating audiences with their outspoken calls for social change.

Artistic Director Oluyinka Akinjiola pregnant on stage

Who We Are

Our contemporary dance shatters convention. Vibrant rhythms and powerful words weave tales of hardship and triumph, giving form and flow to our enduring humanity. Inspired by storied pasts, our journey constantly adapts into something new, provocative, and meaningful. There are decades of complexity in our expressions, yet there is also an abundance of joy and love. Entwined in our passion to dance is a deep purpose to spark change - both in ourselves and everyone we encounter.

We see art as activism; the stage our canvas. Our ensemble a diverse palette of color and personality. We confront themes of injustice and oppression head-on and unapologetically. With intention in every step, gesture, and rhythm, our movements ignite a movement. Audiences immerse in our revelation, leaving wide-eyed and full of hope for the tomorrow that lies ahead.

We believe, as Maya Angelou did, that "if we are bold, love strikes away the chains of fear from our souls." Together, we Rejoice!