Dance company ensemble performing 'Been Ready' at PICA
Photo: Jingzi Zhao


Rejoice! finds community in ‘A Midsummer Night at the Savoy’

Oregon ArtsWatch, 11/2/2018 - Heather Wisner

“Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater has created something that feels both timely—touching on race and migration, two issues at the forefront of America’s collective consciousness—and timeless, in that it hopscotches across countries and eras.”

“show[s] dance not just as a performative art form, but as a historical builder of culture and community.”

​Shakespeare meets the Harlem Renaissance in new dance production​

The Oregonian/ OregonLive, 10/30/2018 - Amy Wang

Diversity dances: Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater

Oregon ArtsWatch, 4/30/2018 - Elizabeth Whelan

“Bold companies like Rejoice! and strong leaders like Akinjiola are needed to bring the perspective of people of color to the contemporary stage. Just as relentlessly as the dancers kept up with the ongoing beat of the drums they moved to, the company relentlessly works toward representing the world of those marginalized and oppressed.”

Expressing Diversity through Dance

PSU Vanguard, 2/25/2020 - Adira Freitgeist

“profoundly emotional and deeply personal”

What audiences are saying

"powerful reminder of self responsibility in our collective experience"

(Uprise - Fall 2018)

"Despite rough times, reminding me of the joy and hope available in my everyday existence"

(Uprise - Fall 2018)

"This performance helped move my anxiety and sadness of the current political environment into the creative energy you made. It felt healing and made me feel amped to help create change."

(Uprise - Fall 2018)

"a strange beauty in grief... Say a name"

(Uprise - Fall 2018)

"This show is important"

(Uprise - Fall 2018)