Photo of the community ensemble performing in a Midsummer Night at the Savoy
Photo: Cameron Ousley


Wanna dance with us?

The Community Ensemble is a unique opportunity for community members of various dance experiences to learn new choreography and perform in a professional dance production. Since 2018, the Community Ensemble program has pushed the role of artists in this political climate. Grounded in African Diaspora values, art is the activism of Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater. Community Ensemble members are asked to engage in discussions surrounding social justice, community building, and activism.

Experience with dances of Africa and the African Diaspora is preferred but not required to be a Community Ensemble member. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, whose stories are often untold, under-told, or told on their behalf, are strongly encouraged to apply and will be prioritized.

Community Ensemble members begin with an overview of the production, major themes, and overall run of show. They meet the Rejoice! dancers and choreographers and embark on a journey together toward new steps, phrases, and choreography. Community Ensemble members receive prompts to reflect on and express their own experiences and histories as they connect to the themes of the show. These stories are then woven into the overall production through the vision of the Artistic Director. After completing a rehearsal schedule, Community Ensemble members have the chance to perform their stories and choreography alongside the Rejoice! dancers.

A typical production schedule includes a few weeks of rehearsal and performances over one or two weekends, however, this varies depending on the production. New dancers join the Community Ensemble with each production. Members provide support to one another during rehearsals, participate in choreography practice, and serve as a point of contact for others. Depending on the production schedule, additional opportunities outside of the rehearsal and practice space may be available for members to learn new movements. Community Ensemble members receive a stipend for their participation and work with Rejoice! for childcare and additional access needs as they arise.

Some people join the Community Ensemble program looking to try something totally new. Others may want to return to a practice they haven’t engaged in in a long time. Some have a background in dance or performance and are seeking community and an opportunity. People join the Community Ensemble for all kinds of reasons. The Community Ensemble is

What is it for you? Please join us and find out!